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Learning Styles & Brain Preference

Experts have identified four unique learning styles — visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic, and two brain preferences — right and left hemisphere.

Learning Styles
Learning styles are how students receive information from the world, remember and understand it best.

My Learning Club has clearly identified each learning style and assigned it a fun, friendly mascot:

Visual Learners
Children with the visual style learn best by having concepts shown to them on paper, chalkboards or computer screens. Effective methods for visual learners include flash cards, writing and drawing.
Mascot: Otto the Owl

Auditory Learners
Children with the auditory style learn best by hearing concepts. Effective methods for auditory learners include recitation, reading out loud, oral quizzing and musical methods.
Mascot: Daisy the Dog

Tactile Learners
Children with the tactile style learn best by feeling and manipulating objects. Effective methods for tactile learners include puzzles, games and interactive books.
Mascot: Mikey the Monkey
Kinetic Learners
Children with the kinetic style learn best by acting out and being physically involved with what they are learning. Effective methods for kinetic learners include activity mats, skits and active movements. Kinetic methods are especially effective for children with ADHD.
Mascot: Charlie the Cheetah

Brain Preferences
The left hemisphere of the brain is more logical, sequential and orderly, while the right side is more creative, global and artistic.

Brain preference creates learning balances based on which hemisphere of the brain, right or left, is strongest.

Most students tend to favor one particular side of the brain.

A child who often seems to be daydreaming during schoolwork is usually a right brain thinker.

The Super StyleTM
My Learning Club’s exclusive Super StyleTM assessment discovers your child’s optimal brain preference and learning style combination.
Then, all instruction is tailored to this Super Style, making learning faster, easier and more comfortable — and customized for each child’s unique way of learning.

Why It Works Better
Other tutoring services use generic instruction methods that simply do not work. The reason is simple — students are being taught using techniques that do not match their learning style needs.

Tutoring to specific styles is faster, less stressful and proven to increase long-term understanding — and all My Learning Club services are specifically targeted to your child’s Super Style.

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